doesn't work with mt4 build 1353

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I've installed the latest version of the tickstory which is, however since my broker uses the older version of mt4 1353, tickstory shows this error.

example 2.png
example 1.png

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Re: doesn't work with mt4 build 1353

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Hi Vial28,

You will need to manually upgrade to MT4 Build 1355 to address this issue. You can download it from this temporary link.

From the provided zip file, please copy the contained .exes into your Metatrader installation folder (eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Metatrader). You can rename/backup the existing files first.

Before starting Metatrader, you can double-check the authenticity of the provided .exe files by right-clicking them in Windows Explorer and then selecting "Properties" and ensuring that they have a "Digital Signature" tab with the signer being "Metaquotes".


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