All that data in the TickStory directory

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All that data in the TickStory directory

Postby lvelho » Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:12 pm


I have two questions:

After exporting the data to my MT4 Platform Im left with what it seems a duplication (in size) of the exported data in my \Tickstory\Historic Data directory. Is this data necessary to operate the backtests in MT4 after the the data has been exported ? I ask because Im running on real disk usage problems here. My Hard-disk has a 2TB capacity, all my other stuff needs only about 200 GB or so and the rest (1.8GB) is already not enough to all the historic data files Im handling. So the question is if I can delete these files at the \Tickstory\Historic Data directory or if in the other hand there is any advantage in keeping them ?

Second question is if after exporting an historical file to MT4 if I can use the files already on disk to export it further to a CSV file. I´m doing it right now but it seems that TickStory is downloading the data again consuming again the time and bandwidth to do it.

Thanks for your help and clarifications!
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Re: All that data in the TickStory directory

Postby tickstory » Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:49 am

Hi lvelho,

Here are some points to cover your questions:

- The FXT files in the MT4 "Data Folder" are used for back-testing. Each FXT file covers a single timeframe (for eg. EURUSD60_0.fxt covers the 1-hour (60 min) timeframe. You can find out more in the manual about this in the manual). If you are working in only 15 minute time-frame, you can remove all EURUSD*_0.fxt files other than EURUSD15_0.fxt to free up disk-space.
- Tickstory stores the tick data it downloads from Dukascopy into the "Dukascopy Store Folder" (see Tickstory's File->Settings->Dukascopy for the location). Once you have downloaded tick data for a specific period, Tickstory will use this repository and will no longer need to download it from the web. You should not delete any files from this repository to free up space. If you so, TIckstory will automatically re-downloaded from the internet again, causing unnecessary time & CPU overhead.
- MT4 has an "Export" feature in their History Center (Tools->History Center->Export). This will allow you to export historical data to CSV.

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