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No valid optimization results

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:30 am
by matjazov
I am testing Advenced tester and if I use MACD EA for test I get results when I run WFA. But when I use my EA that is locked to my account number with test set I get msg pop up: No valid optimization results.
But when I run Strategy test with same MT4 on classsic way I got results - I use same EA and test set file like I was using with Advenced tester where I got that error msg.

What shold be a problem?

Re: No valid optimization results

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:23 pm
by tickstory
Hi Matjazov,

You might want to check that all parameters and date ranges are exactly the same in both tests. Advanced Testing parameters such as variable spread could affect also your results. The best approach is to ensure that all your advanced testing parameters are as basic as possible until you get your EA to trade. If it's still not trading, the next step might be to add additional logging to your EA to see why the initial trade is not being entered.

Hope this helps.

Re: No valid optimization results

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:27 pm
by matjazov
I trie with fix or cariable spreed and now I get in both cases all results with 0 if I am using ATM.
But with same settings I get in Stategy tester ok results. And also this EA I am already using and is working normaly I do not have any trouble with, I just trie to see difference with variable spread.
So I attached prints screen of results from ATM and then from Strategy tester and one ecample of finished test, that everything is ok.
And when I trued to close ATM report I get also error msg:
Product name: AdvancedTester
Product version:
The given key was not present in the dictionary.
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key)
at MtAdvancedTester.Common.TestProfileSettingsList.get_Item(IntPtr index)
at (Object , Object[] )
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zOUl0ArF1PXngnmIPxrUy9mtOm9WdnTDB_avenA0=(MethodBase #=zmeyHxU0=, Object #=zzyeHoMM=, Object[] #=zXu1KYwo=, Boolean #=zhusLUBk=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=znH_m1F1KHnHAi688NdG0t1U=(MethodBase #=zmeyHxU0=, Boolean #=zzyeHoMM=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=z5wOCB6gb48T8Wn$0N4HlwuTznjFP(#=qSZ9G5rjWSkwE7NXycDCNXdq2glknaHLNScti0iDIyrs= #=zmeyHxU0=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zSrLh2kYP1sHOAbuPV1lZ14k=(#=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q= #=zmeyHxU0=, #=qSZ9G5rjWSkwE7NXycDCNXdq2glknaHLNScti0iDIyrs= #=zzyeHoMM=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zF$xobvC8vVf0j3FiJR2GLGJMjwe9()
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zmZf_2xgsMLcHqVJKc8E8sKVV7ykGAEXD1_a68Lo=(Boolean #=zmeyHxU0=)
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=z2MDHzsI6H1wz$Sq4Rtk$yOE=(Exception #=zmeyHxU0=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zdglDYHX7klyf7W6JmI6b48o8mD4I$bZWDQRIwkTl8h53(Object #=zmeyHxU0=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zUBlahTLk7POEhNAnLxUUyPOJT45V()
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zgcWE3EOzWh$n$0a9DQS5$cc=(Object #=zmeyHxU0=, UInt32 #=zzyeHoMM=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zmZf_2xgsMLcHqVJKc8E8sKVV7ykGAEXD1_a68Lo=(Boolean #=zmeyHxU0=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zhbKhB2Mnt0wmqKgnfUmQgzz84e6V()
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zdQTHxOiNpIjYJt$uUkylzsg=(Object[] #=zmeyHxU0=, Type[] #=zzyeHoMM=, Type[] #=zXu1KYwo=, Object[] #=zhusLUBk=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zFPsfRc2nrHY7HqPI8lTYvVyh8dh93pxqdci$EXCIYroa(Stream #=zmeyHxU0=, String #=zzyeHoMM=, Object[] #=zXu1KYwo=, Type[] #=zhusLUBk=, Type[] #=zD21YpA8=, Object[] #=z1_k1eJU=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=zyNqjxUf9h63wj4XYJ7VX_nw=(Stream #=zmeyHxU0=, String #=zzyeHoMM=, Object[] #=zXu1KYwo=)
at #=qOEG2xrjZTxw_h4YyJc_EKTRsnmUgRC02uUWaPmklm1Q=.#=ziwra75imGT0u86tdXflS94OAOJe9(Stream #=zmeyHxU0=, String #=zzyeHoMM=, Object[] #=zXu1KYwo=)
at #=zg4wrG5O2OzeK$56oqg==.WndProc(Message& #=zusY8K8Q=)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

So what could it be?

Re: No valid optimization results

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 5:03 pm
by matjazov
I found where is the problem. ATM is not working if EA is locked to account number (but valid). So If I do the ATM test with same EA with same set file with EA that is locked to account number I get this error of empty results. But in MT4 strategy test this same locked EA is working ok.
If I use EA that is not locked - everything else is the same, them ATM is working ok

So I am using a EA that are locked to my account and I do not have access to unlock it for all accounts, so please find solution and upgrade this version so it would work also with Locked EA that are normaly working with MT4 strategy test.

And it is possible to add Max DrawDown in currency in first spredsheet also, because just in % it is not enough.


Re: No valid optimization results

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:25 am
by tickstory
Hi Matjazov,

Thanks for the further information. From your message, we seem to have 2 things:

1) Regarding the error message you received from AT, do you have the exact sequence of steps that can reproduce this error?
2) Regarding the "EA lock" you are talking about - is this some sort of feature in your EA? We are unsure of how this works to work around this for you. In the title bar of Metatrader, it shows your account number - are they the same for your "normal" test vs the Advanced Tester test?
Screenshots would really help here because it's not so easy to visualize what you are seeing.