which broker MT4 installation is the most complete?

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which broker MT4 installation is the most complete?

Postby DudaoRJ » Sat Jul 02, 2016 4:21 am


I want to test Tickstory's complete set of commodities and indices. Which broker should I pick my MT4 from, that has all of these symbols?

Another question: is there a way to prevent the original terminal.exe from connecting to the broker server? I'm a registered Tickstory user but lost my MT4 due to an update (I'm not willing to keep paying for Tickstory updates every now and then!). Not letting MT4 connect will also ensure that my database is not overwritten and so I can keep using my old Tickstory license with a new MT4 and not use the launcher. I understand that I have to connect once to map all existing symbols, but would like to freeze it after that.

Thank you.

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