importig csv

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importig csv

Post by robfx »

Hallo all,
I'm a new member and I'm trying to import data to mt4.

As far as I can immagine, the MT4 version should not affect data import if I import a .csv file generated by tickstory.

Since I cannot make it work, I would like to know if the mt4 version affects data import even if I proceed through importing a csv file and not by using the Tickstory built in mt4 data export.

Another question, how I do switch on weekend data retrieving in version 0.8?



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Re: importig csv

Post by tickstory »

Hi robfx,

You can import CSVs into MT4 using the standard predefined bar format for your export:

Code: Select all

Of course, you can only import bar data into the history center - not tick data. If you are ok with merely using the historical bar data from MT4, you should not need to launch MT4 with the Tickstory launcher. The Tickstory launcher is specifically for users that would like to generate tick-accurate back-tests.

The 'Weekend data' option is only available on the MT4 Data export for the time being. There is a check-box under the date selection range which allows you to include exclude (default) weekend data.

Hope this helps.

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