No more disk space - How can i delete data?

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No more disk space - How can i delete data?

Postby babilonia » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:22 am

but i have a problem, i downloaded the data from tickstory and now i have the full pc memory, i am trying to delete the data but i have not succeeded, how can i delete the data left on disk c? in addition I uninstalled the program thinking that the problem was resolved but did not resolve
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Re:No more disk space - How can i delete data?

Postby tickstory » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:48 am

Hi Babilonia,

Tickstory does not delete the data you have downloaded or exported since it can be potentially in-use by other applications. There are several locations where you should find a majority of the data if you want to make space:

1) The Dukascopy Store Folder. This contains the cached tick data downloaded from the web. If you delete this, you will need to download it again when you export data. To get the location for this folder, go to File->Settings->Dukascopy Store Folder in Tickstory.

2) The MT4 Data/FXT folder. This contains all the data you have exported to MT4. If you delete these files, you will no longer be able to back-test with 99.9% modelling quality. To get the location of this folder, in MT4 go to File->Open data folder and then browse to tester/history. All the files with .fxt extension can be deleted.

3) If you have exported any data to file (such as .CSV), this is usually located in the "Documents" folder.

Of course, please be careful when deleting files from your PC. If you are not sure of what the impact may be of deleting any particular file, we suggest that you make a full backup of your files before attempting anything.

Hope this helps.
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