Can i delete the exported data?

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Can i delete the exported data?

Postby imbissbronko » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:23 am


i want to know when i export data to mt4. First Tickstory download the database files to a given folder which i set in settings. Here all downloaded tick data are stored. But when i open mt4 with tickstory these data will be converted into fxt files and hst files i think. So now these database data i think are for now irrelavant. Can i delete them to save disk space? I have tried it when i delete only the Informations in tickstory with start date and end date are deleted. So for the developers is tickstory working also without these files when the were converted in mt4?
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Re: Can i delete the exported data?

Postby tickstory » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:44 pm

Hi Imissbronko,

You can delete the data to free space, however note these points:

- If you delete the data in your "Dukascopy Store Folder", it will be re-downloaded again when you next export that particular instrument and time range.
- If you delete the FXT data in your "MT4 Data Folder", you will no longer be able to back-test with that particular symbol and time-frame. To save space, you can consider deleting only those time-frames you are testing with (eg. 15-minute). There is a section in the manual (press F1 in Tickstory) that describes the various data files in Metatrader.

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