Whats faster first download data then export?

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Whats faster first download data then export?

Postby imbissbronko » Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:59 pm


i want to know when i download data first than it is stored in a folder. When i say export to mt4 than tickstory download again and export it to mt4, right?

When i want to download 1 year more of data. Than can i go like that.

E.g Have previous exported from year 2015-2017. This data is stored locally in a folder and exported in mt4.-
Now i want 1 year more. What to do better. Download only the one year data locally? Or say export to mt4 2015-2018?

But i think that tickstory when i say export to mt4 data from 2015-2018 it download again and export, right?

How did you do that? I wanna only update with newer files when the time is come. Whats the best way to do it
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Re: Whats faster first download data then export?

Postby tickstory » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:46 pm

Hi Imbissbronko,

At the moment, just "MT4 export" the entire date range you need to back-test with. There is no need to "Download" data prior to this as this step is automatically done.

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