Installation issue

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Installation issue

Post by martinraphaelmarie »

I bought yesterday the standart version and i have an installation issue.
The HST files exported from tickstory software are well placed in the history file: C:\MT4\FXCM MetaTrader4\history\FXCM-EURDemo01
The HTS files have several weeks of data.
The MT4 data folder is also correct (see the path: C:\MT4\FXCM MetaTrader4)
However, MT4 doesn't take into account for backtesting the data from tickstory... When i launch the backtest i have only one week of data which corresponds to the data of the broker.
Can you help me to fix the issue?
Thank you for your support.


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Re: Installation issue

Post by tickstory »

Hi Martinraphaelmarie,

Of course we can help out. First question is whether you are getting 99% modelling quality. If so, this means you are using Tickstory data correctly.
If not, please check out our FAQ which has a list of things you should check: ... ng_quality

In particular, it's possible that you haven't "mapped" your symbol. That is, if your broker's symbol is different to Tickstory's (eg. EURUSDm vs EURUSD), then you will need to tell Tickstory to "map to" that symbol when exporting. This is described in the manual further and also if you search for "map to" in this forum.

If you need further help, please send us some screenshots so we can diagnose any issues.


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