Specifying Spread value (Strategy Tester vs Metatrader Info)

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Specifying Spread value (Strategy Tester vs Metatrader Info)

Post by zaherslt »

i am using the application and all is very good thanks. but i have these 2 questions please:

1- When i export data to mt4, should i change the spread set by default in tab "mt4 info",(as it is sometimes higher than what brokers provide. ex eurusd is set 20=2pips while my brokers gives me half a pip)
2- And by the way as for the eurusd we put 20 that means 2 pips or 18 meaning 1.8 pips, and this is how we do it in the spread field in mt4 strategy tester, when spread is 0.5 pips (with 5 digits broker)then we use 5 in the spread field so we multiplied by 10, my question is:
do we always multiply by 10 for any other pair?, like for example xauusd if bid: 1290.425 and ask 1290.715 spread is 0.29 $, which may be considered 2.9 pips (if am not wrong) so we set in spread field 29, NO?

i am sorry as part of the question is related to m4 strategy tester which is not your product)

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Re: Specifying Spread value (Strategy Tester vs Metatrader I

Post by tickstory »

Hi Zaherslt,

In response to your questions:

1) The 'Spread' field in the 'Metatrader Info' tab is only there for historical reasons and no longer has effect. Metatrader now has a 'Spread' field within the Strategy Tester which you can use to arbitrarily set the spread for your back-test. When testing, it is recommended you try various spreads to see how your EA reacts to the value. If you get marked changes in your results with small tweaks of the spread, it's likely your EA will perform quite differently in a live situation.

2) In the case of a 5-digit broker then yes, you would multiply by 10 to get the value you need to put in the box. "29" on a 5-digit broker means 2.9 pips.

Hope this helps.

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