History data of tickstory

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History data of tickstory

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Hi support team of Tickstory.
My name is fabio and I have a licence pro of Tickstory.
two years ago I downloaded data of cross EURUSD until 03.2017 and with these data I tested one of my ea.
Two day ago I downloaded data of cross EURUSd until 17.01.2019 and with these new data i tested the same ea.
The results of new test are very different of the precedent test.
The report of old test display this parameters:
Bar viewed 4578 (time frame D1)
Tickers 287.972.196

The report of new test display this parameters:
Bars viewed 3564
Tickers 214.484.443
How is it possible that the new test use less tickers if new history data contain more year than the old history data?
Can you solve my dubt?, Please.

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Re: History data of tickstory

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Hi Fabio,

Given that you are using an older version of Tickstory, it might be that you are coming across some throttling restrictions that Dukascopy recently placed on their servers.
If you are getting any errors while exporting, you will need to make sure they don't occur by retrying the data download until there are no errors. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the most recent version of Tickstory which gracefully handles the situation.

Hope this helps.

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