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New to Tickstory

Post by SydneyFox »

A couple of newbie questions

1. When downloading why is there a tick box for different timeframes to download? i.e. M1, M5, H1 etc. If I want to use tick data do I need to download all timeframes? Do I just download the M1 as that will provide me with data required for all timeframes from M1 upwards?
2.What is the size of a download file if I am downloading say 2 years worth of data?
3. When setting up Tickstory last night the demo server of my MT4 automatically was input or so I thought. So I didn't check by opening my MT4. So I think it saved the data I downloaded using server 02 but when I opened MT4 it says it is attached to server 03. Do I need to download the data again? Can I change within Tickstory to server 03?

Hopefully these aren't too dumb questions. I have looked but can't find the answers elsewhere.


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Re: New to Tickstory

Post by tickstory »

Hi SydneyFox and thanks for joining us ;)

Re: your questions:

1) The "FXT timeframe" selection allows you to select which time-frames you are going to test with. That is, this corresponds to the "Timeframe" selection that you choose in the MT4 Strategy Tester. If you typically test only in the M5 time-frame, select only this option. This is primarily a disk-saving measure, so if you have plenty of disk space, you can leave all time-frames checked.

2) This depends on the symbol - obviously the more active trading the symbol is (eg. EURUSD is very active), then the more data. Roughly speaking, each symbol will take around several hundred megabytes per FXT file.

3) For a newbie, the best bet is to select the new server in Tickstory and re-do your export. For the more advanced user, you can move your HST files to the new server location. ou can also edit FXT information if necessary.

Don't forget that there's plenty more information in the user manual which you can access by pressing F1 in the application.

Happy back-testing!

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