v0.7 Released!

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v0.7 Released!

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The latest version of Tickstory Lite has been released. This version includes:

New Feature
•[TICKLITE-46] MT4 Export: Allow weekend data to be excluded (this will occur now by default)
•[TICKLITE-52] MT4 Launcher: Added support for Birt's Tick Data Suite.
•[TICKLITE-53] MT4 Launcher: Added support for MT4 Build 445 & 451.

•[TICKLITE-45] MT4 Export: Now generates flat-bars (for all time periods) when there is a gap or pause in trading.
•[TICKLITE-50] Further optimisation of the download and export speeds.

•[TICKLITE-49] Bar volume now correctly reflects the sum of Bid and Ask volumes (previously came out as zero).

Documentation has also been updated to detail the new changes.

Most important to note with the new version is:
  • The new MT4 launcher will now attempt to detect the presence of the Tick Data Suite* in your MT4 installation. If it's there, then it will launch it automatically. If you do not have TDS then Tickstory will use its own in-built launcher.
    Note that the Tickstory MT4 launcher has been completely redesigned with the future prospect of opening the code for the launcher. This will allow the community to maintain the launcher and hopefully provide more rapid updates whenever new MT4 builds come around. If you are a developer, feel free to give feedback about how you would like to see this work.
  • The MT4 export will now exclude weekends by default. This means that your back-tests that utilise MAs etc may be affected once you re-export your data.
* The Tick Data Suite is a third-party utility and you should direct any related queries/issues to the vendor.

Note also that items requested in our forums are being implemented on a "most requested", followed by "most useful" basis. If you want to see a feature, let us know to bump it to the top of the queue!

As always, feedback is appreciated!

Happy trading!

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Re: v0.7 Released!


please help me!!!!! :o

i can't find an mt4 buid 451 or 432, please where can i find it?

i'd like to have one of metatrader 4 metaquotes without broker version
but if you have one for one broker it's ok

it's important to have one for a broker x backtest correctly?

bacause THE FILE .FXT 'N .HST WERE CREATED CORRECTLY BUT... the backtest don't function good

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Re: v0.7 Released!

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Hi Jjlazzard,

You can download a generic MT4 v432 build from here:


I would also recommend you have a look at the back-testing quick-start guide here:


Hope this helps.

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