Supported MT4 Launcher Version

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Supported MT4 Launcher Version

Post by pipkiller »


I didn't see it anywhere. Does anyone happen to know what the latest supported MT4 version is for the launcher?

Thank you,


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Re: Supported MT4 Launcher Version

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Hi pipkiller,

Are you asking how to start the launcher? If so, just press F8 to start the launcher. The launcher currently supports MT builds 432, 445 and 451 (and also Tick Data Suite if you have it installed). If the launcher does not work on your version, it will give you a message box prompt. Otherwise, it will change the title of the MT4 title bar. Some further details (including screenshots) are in the manual.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Supported MT4 Launcher Version

Post by fx83 »

As it is pretty difficult to get a supported MT4 version now, I'm sure as the developer, you have tested with a supported MT4 version. Is it a possibility to upload a zipped folder or an installer somewhere so that we can download and use for testing?

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Re: Supported MT4 Launcher Version

Post by tickstory »

Hi fx83,

Could you please advise what version of MT4 you are currently using? The Tickstory launcher will attempt to launch all new versions of MT4 if possible and will notify you if it's unsuccessful.

If you would like to use Build 432, you can find it here:


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