How to export GMT times with no Daylight Savings Time (DST)?

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How to export GMT times with no Daylight Savings Time (DST)?

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I'm trying to export data (about 1 year) as GMT with no daylight savings - as vanilla/pure as possible.

I notice that in the "Adjust Timezone" drop down there are 2 possible GMT selections: GMT (Casablanca, Monrovia) and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin, Ediburgh...). The first GMT (Casablanca, Monrovia), the "Daylight Savings" field shows as "No". The second GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin, Ediburgh...) shows as "Daylight Savings" field as "Yes".

I'm now confused - why are there 2 GMT time zones? Why does 1 GMT time zone use daylight savings, since I thought the whole point of GMT is to have a central time not based on any daylight savings time?

How can I consistently export data in GMT, with no daylight savings?

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Re: How to export GMT times with no Daylight Savings Time (D

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Hi jfroth,

The naming convention is acquired from the Windows operating system (which, incidentally, is slightly more explicit under Windows 7 vs XP) and is essentially intended to name the base time-zone followed by the location. The location effectively determines whether daylight savings applies or not. London, for example, does have daylight savings although technically in the GMT timezone. When selecting a timezone, think in terms of "What location should my time-stamps be adjusted to?"

For your purposes, you are looking to select the location that does not apply any daylight savings time which is "GMT - Monrovia, Reykjavik". Under Windows 7, it is simply "UTC - Universal Coordinated Time". Note that the "pure" UTC/GMT time is selected by default whenever you export.

There is more information in the original thread you posted on this topic ( ... 199f97cccb) and also in the manual under the topic of "Time-zones".

Hope this helps.

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