Date Range won't work

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Date Range won't work

Postby asoto81 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:15 pm

I purchased Tickstory 3 days ago and I'm very disapointed. I've downloaded history for the major pairs since 2008 to today, When trying to simulate, the green progress bar stays gray, I get no error messages but the MT4 terminal freezes. I need to kill MT4 process in order to be able to use my computer (It crashes the whole computer). If I uncheck the data range checkbox, simulations seem to work. Is there a prompt solution to this problem?. If not I would like to have my money back. This is not what I expected
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Re: Date Range won't work

Postby tickstory » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:12 pm

Hi Asoto81,

We have tried to contact you by directly by email and private message in order to assist you resolve your issue, however we have had no reply. The crashing behavior you describe is not normal, so appreciate if you can allow us to help you resolve the situation.

Could you kindly tell us:

1) Are you launching MT4 via the "Launch" option in Tickstory? If so, could you please confirm that it launches successfully with no errors.
2) Have you tested with a generic EA such as "MACD Sample" and ensured you got 99.9% modelling quality?
3) Are you trying to test with an "excessive" amount of historical data? If so, please note that Metatrader has a limitation of 4GB data files (around 2 years of data, depending on the instrument). Although some users are testing beyond this limitation, it is not recommended since operation may vary depending on your EA and machine specification. You can check the size of your FXT data files in the <MT4 Data Folder>/tester/files directory. If they are larger than 4GB, it is recommended that you export & test with a smaller date range (1-2 years). Please see ... kteststops for further information.

If we cannot get the software working for you, we can of course offer you a full refund (and the software will be automatically disabled).

Please let us know.

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