Corrupt database after several backtest

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Corrupt database after several backtest

Postby hkdrpro » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:29 pm


I just bought tickstory suite and activated for 2 days.
The tickstory is not working properly. When I downloaded the data and backtest using MT4. I can get 99.9 modelling quality which is great.
But after around 5 - 6 time of back test, the modelling quality dropped to 25 percent or even lower. I downloaded the data again and it corrupt again after 5 - 6 backtest.
I can see the movement in visual mode when it is just downloaded but the visual mode didn't have any movement after several backtest.
Can you solve this problem or I would like to have a refund. Thank you.
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Re: Corrupt database after several backtest

Postby tickstory » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:46 pm

Hi Hkdrpro,

Once you are getting 99.9% modelling quality, it should not change unless:

1) You have changed a setting in the MT4 Strategy Tester such as the instrument or timeframe and you haven't exported data for that symbol or timeframe.
2) The database you exported has been deleted for some reason (this can happen if you haven't set "Make files read only" when exporting).

The typical reason is number 1), so please check that you have exported the symbol and time-frame correctly before back-testing.
Our trouble-shooting check-list will also help in understanding the common reasons for the problem you describe: ... ng_quality

If you are still having trouble, appreciate if you can post a few screenshots including:

1) The Tickstory "Export to MT4" settings you are using (including the "MT4 Settings" tab)
2) The MT4 Strategy Tester window (which shows the symbol name)
3) Your "MT4 Data Folder" FXT contents (go to File->Open data folder in Metatrader and then browse to tester/history and take a screenshot).

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