server "Tickstory-Demo" differs from "OANDA-v20 Live-2" ter

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server "Tickstory-Demo" differs from "OANDA-v20 Live-2" ter

Postby tradeify » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:40 pm

After purchasing the license, importing the data, and opening Metatrader 4 through TickStory I receive this error after starting a backtest.

TestGenerator: server "Tickstory-Demo" differs from "OANDA-v20 Live-2" terminal connected to

Not sure if I made a mistake updating from the demo or something but any help would be appreciated.
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Re: server "Tickstory-Demo" differs from "OANDA-v20 Live-2"

Postby tickstory » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:00 am

Hi Tradeify,

If you are getting a "exclamation icon" beside the message, this is just a notification not an error. Still, you can resolve this by simply specifying the "Server name" when exporting to MT4 (copy and paste the exact server name, including case). When you get more familiar with the process, you should extract your broker's settings using "Tickstory Expert" EA. This will acquire all your broker's settings including the server name. The process is described in the manual and also on the 'Help' tab of the "Export to MT4" window.

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