Repeated Ticks in BT

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Repeated Ticks in BT

Post by Tradexfol »

Greetings friends!

I have purchased the latest version of payment.

I need to know why this happens to me when doing retrospective tests.

The expert advisor is impossible to do so many operations in the same minute.

I would appreciate any information on this matter, to be able to resolve it.

Another please I need, to know if it is necessary to add the commission of the broker in the historical data.

If yes, do we have a manual link?

Thank you very much in advance!!
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Re: Repeated Ticks in BT

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Hi Tradexfol ,

Remember that with tick data there are potentially hundreds of ticks that are occurring in the one minute. If your EA is placing a trade each time, then these will simply get opened and closed during these ticks, as your logic is executed. You will need to ensure that your EA is coded in such a way that if you don't intend to trade multiple times per minute, you put in some sort of a delay before the next trade is entered.

Re: Commissions, please refer to these topics:


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