Invalid Location Using an External Drive

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Invalid Location Using an External Drive

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I am installing MT4 and TickstoryLite on a laptop with an internal SSD drive and an external hard drive (D:). I've installed MT4 on drive D and configured it to run with the /portable option. I've run MT4 and logged into the broker account, so this is all set up correctly. Next I installed TickstoryLite. In the Settings I changed the StoreLocation to d:\Tickstory. Next in the MT4 Settings I am attempting to get Tickstory to use the MT4 installation on the D drive. However I keep on getting the error message: Invalid Location - This does not appear to be a valid MT4 installation.

Please note that I have successfully completed a similar installation on a different laptop on drive D. The only difference is that the D drive is an internal hard drive rather than an external hard drive. Please advise.

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Re: Invalid Location Using an External Drive

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Hi Peterm,

This error is caused by Metatrader files not existing in the selected folder. It could also be that if you have previously started the terminal in "non portable" mode, that there is a residual data folder that Tickstory is looking at in C:\Users\(yourname\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\(Unique Terminal ID). If this is the case, removing it should resolve the issue. If you have multiple terminals installed, you can check out the origin.txt that resides in the mentioned terminal folder and it will specify the MT4 installation path it refers to.

Alternatively, if you are sure that your Metatrader is functioning correctly from the selected portable folder, you can force the configuration by editing your Tickstory settings as described in this post: ... 298&p=6150

Hope this helps.

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