Folder does not exist

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Folder does not exist

Post by shiroyasha »

Hi everyone,

So I downloaded USDCHF data, everything seems fine. But when I try to export to file, I keep getting an the error box saying that "Folder does not exist: Output location does not exist. Please specify a valid folder." while clearly, I have that folder on my drive (please see attached). I tried searching Google but with no luck. So what should I do here? What is "a valid folder"?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Folder does not exist

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Hi Shiroyasha,

Please make sure your file specification is

Code: Select all

(note the curly brackets). From your screenshot, the "Example" field is showing "Invalid format" which means that either 1) Your file specification is wrong or 2) You do not have Microsoft .NET v4.6 correctly installed on your system. If the latter, please see this article on how to install it: ... x?id=48130

Typically it is installed as part of the installation process unless you have a corrupt installation or have explicitly requested not to install it.

Hope this helps.

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