Using MT4 Built-In Backtesting

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Using MT4 Built-In Backtesting

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so recently I have tried to import historical data to mt4 with tickstory. It works fine. Unfortunately when I open MT4 with tickstory I already could saw the whole chart.

Is there any way I can use tickstory historical data (EURUSD,M1, 2016) from the built-in backtester of mt4 (not open from tickstory but directly from mt4).

As I said recently I did import the historical data to mt4. But I tried also the built-in backtester for my time period (2016) which seems to use tickstory datas but I am not sure so I would like to confirm it how it is done in the right way.

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Re: Using MT4 Built-In Backtesting

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Hi Ly544,

Tickstory allows you to directly export to Metatrader 4 so all your charts (HST) and back-testing data (FXT) are created in one-go. This means there is no need to separately "import" data into MT4.
Our video here describes the steps to do this:

Please let us know if you need to know more.


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