UK100 Metatrader info (FXCM)

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UK100 Metatrader info (FXCM)

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Can someone kindly advise on what settings are required to export data for the UK100 to metatrader FXCM. I have tried 3 times and getting bad data. The Ea is working fine with other pairs and indexes.
I know the digits is 2
Profit calculaiton mode is 2 (futures)
Margin calcualtion mode is 0 (forex)
The Map to field is also correct with UK100.

I am able to test with open prices but not test in every tick and test the money management feature of my EA.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Re: UK100 Metatrader info (FXCM)

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As discussed on a separate thread, FXCM UK100's mtconfig file is attached. Select GBP.IDX and then select 'Load' from the MT4 Settings screen to load in these settings which have been taken from FXCM for UK100.
For further information about how to get settings for a particular symbol, please refer to this guide:

FXCM - UK100.mt4config
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