Can not get BT with 99.90% modelling quality

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Can not get BT with 99.90% modelling quality

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Kindly ask you to help me to find out what is the reason, that I can not get 99.90% modelling quality by using tickstory service?

1) First I uninstalled and reinstalled MT4.

2) After downloading the Ticksory Ducascopy data:
download data.png
3) export it to MT4:
export to MT4.png
4) with this set
1-year interval includes weekends, TF M1-H4( because I test max with TF H4), adjusting my timezone:
export setting.png
5) after I set my MT4 info set:
export setting.png
After all, I NEVER GET! a 99.90% modelling quality results no matter which EA I test.

What do you mean?
What is wrong?

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Re: Can not get BT with 99.90% modelling quality

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Hi Keyboarder,

Please check out our FAQ on this topic that covers all the possible reasons for not getting 99.9% modelling quality: ... ng_quality

In particular, make sure that if your instrument symbology is different in your broker (such as "EURUSDm" instead of Tickstory's "EURUSD"), you will need to tell Tickstory this in the "Map to" field.


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