GBPUSD60_0.fxt is read-only

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GBPUSD60_0.fxt is read-only

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I am backtesting an EA on GBPUSD on the 1HR timeframe and getting this error when I run the backtest, any suggestions?

2022.06.27 23:56:29.562 TestGenerator: symbol GBPUSD period 60 model 0 from 2020.06.28 to 2022.06.26

2022.06.27 23:56:29.261 TestGenerator: file "E:\FBS Trader 4 250739935\tester\history\GBPUSD60_0.fxt" is read-only
GBPUSD Screenshot.docx
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Re: GBPUSD60_0.fxt is read-only

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Hi Nicholas,

The 'read-only' message is only a notification, not an error. It does not affect your results and can be safely ignored.


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