MT5 Metaquotes data: a huge ressource

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MT5 Metaquotes data: a huge ressource

Postby FXDub » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:07 pm

Hi guys,
First of all, congrats to the software and a big thank you for allowing small retail traders like me to access data freely...
The FX world sometimes looks like the biggest scam ever: you can loose money in the markets, but you can also loose some buying courses, strategies, EA, indicators and data...
The fact that one has to pay to merely access historical data is the one that upsets me the most... How many brokers have history files of only a few months, preventing us to properly test our strategy... Do you think that 's because they can't afford servers for storing data ? ah ah... No... that's just to make things harder to retail traders...
Well... Anyway...
I wanted to let you know one interesting thing... that I discovered while learning Mql5...
Everyone know that Metaquotes data on MT4 are of very poor quality... full of gaps and aberrant quotes...
Well... But its seems that Metaquote does have nice data...
Actually, it you download MT5 and connect to the MT5 demo server, you can get data spanning over 10 years for many quotes ... and you know the best ? Metaquotes stores tick data... and MT5 uses tick data... So it's pretty easy to generates csv files that can then be converted to Mt4 fxt and hst files... I did it for EURUSD... And I'll do it as soon as I purchased a new hard disk for other currencies, before those data disappear... It is a bit paranoid, but I have the feeling that those data will disappear once MT5 becomes more popular and broker put their grain of salt in it...
You may wanna give it a try !
Cheers !
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Re: MT5 Metaquotes data: a huge ressource

Postby tickstory » Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:21 am

Hi FXDub,

Thanks for your post and suggestion. Havent yet tried the MT5 data source and would be interested in people's thoughts about its quality and source. From what I understand the data isnt strictly "tick" data but can provide millisecond granularity - is this correct?

Planned features in Tickstory include a CSV import option, so this would provide the ability to then export to MT4.

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Re: MT5 Metaquotes data: a huge ressource

Postby tickstory » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:55 pm

Hi all,

Due to recent developments in MT5 which allow third-party data sources, we plan to keep users updated about our MT5 support on this thread:


Please feel free to add suggestions and feedback so we can determine what types of integration features are most wanted.

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