Couple of suggestions: Downloading

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Couple of suggestions: Downloading

Postby Nudge » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:25 pm

Allow grouping favourite pairs that can then be separated from the pack.
Allow downloading favourites as a group (sequential download or all at once)

Scheduled Downloads
Allow downloading data automatically at the end of day, or predefined time, continuing from previous download date/time.

Queued Downloads
Give a pair a priority and checkmark pairs for queued downloads

Allow exporting to favourite testing software automatically after download

I'd really like to see scheduled downloads.
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Re: Couple of suggestions: Downloading

Postby tickstory » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:16 am

Hi Nudge,

Thank you for your suggestions - they are very helpful and we have noted them. We have an item on our todo to perform automatic downloads, however we hadn't considered the idea of scheduling them at a specific time. Is there some reason for this? The thought at the moment is to only do the update upon startup or upon user request.

Kind regards.
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