bid ask data

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bid ask data

Postby chifounou » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:39 am


I understand that tickstory downloads only tick data and then create other data format (minutes, hours) by compilint this data while export.

We miss an important value during backtests under advanced software (like NinjaTrader 8) because they can work around Bid and Ask data differently consecutively from order side (long or short) for more precise real-life results.

So it would be nice if TickStory would be able to also download 1 Minute Bid and 1 Minute Ask data from Dukascopy since they offer it and the download times are much quicker for those who don't want to spend hours and too many bandwidth to download tick data.

Of course, to go along, we would need to be able to pick if we want to export to external files either Bid or Ask data files, ready to import in other programs.

To me it would be a major improvement
Thanks for your time
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