Data Won't Import into MT4

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Data Won't Import into MT4

Post by ChrisParish »

I am new to Tickstory and have downloaded 5 years of tick data for EURUSD. I have watched the video on how to export it to a .csv file.

However, when I try ti import this csv file into hte history centre of my MT4, nothing happens. I browse to the file and nothing imports.
Can anyone help please?

Also, does anyone know, when the broker has a suffix to the chart, eg EURUSDi, do I need to change the tick data before importing into that MT4?


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Re: Data Won't Import into MT4

Post by tickstory »

Hi Chris,

Please see this video if you want to know how to directly export into MT4 (i.e. NOT using csv):

You will need to use the "Map to" field to map the data to EURUSDi. This process is described in the manual and also if you search 'Map to' in the forum.


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