Can't get MT4 Export to work

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Can't get MT4 Export to work

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tried every step by auto export to mt4 as well using import and direct to .hst with no use. tried to find fxt and when found it cant read it. please help as i need to back test on tick data. im on standard plan
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Re: Can't get MT4 Export to work

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Hi Hamadfx,

I'm not sure exactly what the issue is, but presumably you're not getting 99% modelling quality on your back-test results? If so, please check the following:

1) That your MT4 Data Folder set up in Tickstory (i.e. C:\Users\Hamad...\ matches the same folder that is open when you go to File->Open Data Folder in MT4.
2) That if you continue to browse your data folder to tester/history, you can see your USDJPY*_0.fxt files that you exported with Tickstory. If you are exporting more than a year of data, they should be large - 1gb or more.

If you continue to have issues:
3) Please disconnect your terminal to make sure your broker isn't overwriting your data. To do this, go to File->Login to Account in MT4 and then type in an incorrect password. If you need your terminal for live trading, it is recommended that you instead install a separate MT4 terminal which is dedicated for your back-testing.
4) Close your terminal and re-export your data.
5) Once your export is complete, please press the F8 (Launch) button in Tickstory to launch Metatrader 4 for back-testing.

If you have further issues, appreciate if you can detail the exact error message or problem you are having (eg. You can only test 3 months of data instead of 12 months, not getting 99% modelling quality, etc).

Thank you.

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