tickdata download from dukascopy fails (Server Error 503)

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Re: tickdata download from dukascopy fails (Server Error 503

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Hi Fran,

Please take a moment to fully read our EULA (https://tickstory.com/EULA) before using our software. In this case, a third-party vendor has made a change at their own discretion and we needed to make a change to support it. Unfortunately we have no control over external data sources and/or third-party software and try to maintain compatibility when possible. For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee that a third-party service will always be available or compatible.

To ensure our software remains accessible to all (and to cover differing user requirements), we have given users a choice of how long they would like to maintain their software update subscription. Many users have used our software for years with a one-off purchase, but technology and services can and do change and that could render older versions obsolete. This is why we highly recommend that users take on subscription plan for as long as you are actively using the software. For us, subscriptions are an important part of being able to continue to fund on-going support and development of the software when changes like this occur.

If for some reason the software becomes non-functional within the first 30-days of purchase, we will offer a 100% refund.


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