Tickstory light 'fxt' data disappear

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Tickstory light 'fxt' data disappear

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after downloading tickstory light data I export them to the Mt4
the 'fxt' data to tester/history folder
the 'hst' data to history/ICMarket demo folder
so far everything ok


after one or two days I see that the tester/history folder is empty and the 'fxt' data disappeared.
so I have to start the export process again and export all 'fxt' data to Mt4 again
Every second or third day I have to repeat this process.

Here the screenshot how I make the data transfer to MT4:

Any idea what's wrong?

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Re: Tickstory light 'fxt' data disappear

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Hi Keyboarder,

If you are using an external drive, just make sure that your FXT data files are correctly marked as 'read-only' in the operating system (i.e. right-click the FXT files in Windows Explorer and ensure 'read-only' is checked).


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