Server Forbidden (403)

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Server Forbidden (403)

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trying to download historical data and am getting a server forbidden error(403). I was able to log in over the weekend but have gotten Server busy ever since Monday and now server forbidden. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Seems to be going from bad to worse. Called my internet service provider and they can not find anything wrong. Tried another computer that i have but it is a much slower machine and it took over 6 hrs to download 3 percent. I can get that much with the server busy or timeout warning.

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Re: Server Forbidden (403)

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We have no known issues with our servers. A quick test just now reveals no such "403 Forbidden" errors. If you are able to give us a copy of the Log screen that may provide further information.

There is a 'Test' button in the File=>Settings=>Dukascopy Datasource menu that might give more information about the issue you are having. If you press 'test' multiple times and get different errors, it would indicate something wrong/slow with your internet connection.

Are you possibly working from a country that has restricted outside access to the internet? If so, this will likely affect your ability to download and may require a VPN. If you have another internet connection to test on, that may help isolate the problem.

Hope this helps.

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