Sunday, time zone and summer time

Historical data from North American markets.
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Sunday, time zone and summer time

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Hi team TickStory,

I'm a new client, and I'm looking at the data I'm downloading.

I'm exporting data in minutes, with my own time zome: UTC - 05 (New-York), its said that it is automatically ajusted to summer time, and there is a calender with transitions period.

So I'm trying to figure out how it work by looking at the Sunday. But then I notice that the Sunday, in the data, are all starting at 5pm, while it's really starting at 4pm in New-York...

So, first question, why are the data beginning at 5pm instead of 4pm on Sunday ?

Second question, how do you deal with the that summer time transition period, is there any commodities, some forex or other will beging to start earlier in summer like someone looking at data UTC - 4, while other are staying on the same period ?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Sunday, time zone and summer time (New York)

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Hi Iffconsulting,

Welcome aboard!

If you're looking to trade the New York time-zone, there is a "New York Trading Time" selection at the very top of the time-zone selection box. This will automatically adjust times so they are during the New York trading hours while also factoring in daylight savings times.

You can consult the following links for some more information if you wish:

- Some background discussion on the New York Time Zone.
- Daylight savings time transitions for NY time-zone.
- A general search of this forum for New York time-zone related information.

To answer your second question, most brokers/exchanges will update their clocks to reflect any daylight savings adjustments. This means all the timestamps on their traded instruments will also have this adjusted time. You will need to consult your broker for what they do but in all cases we know so far, there are 3 main time-zones which are used by brokers and supported in Tickstory (towards the top of the time-zone selection box):

1) UTC time
2) New York Time
3) UTC +2 with European/London DST

Hope this helps!

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